I attended this informative session at MMS today by a SCCM conslultants, Chris Nackers and Kent Agerlund and wanted to share their informative list of top 10 review experiences. I'm not currently a SCCM user myself, but the notion of reviewing and simplifying deployments was intriguing to me. The list is as provided, each followed by my interpretation of the conversation (so don't quote me)...


#1 OSD is not really designed to work the way we want

The issue is normally that they haven’t thought about how they want to use it.


#2 No collection design or documentation

For many reasons, it is very important to document processes


#3 No strategy for maintaining the reference image

This is a big task that needs a plan


#4 We still use WSUS for patch management

Having it is not wrong, it is just important to have a process. They felt that patching in SCCM is not too complex though many seem to think it is. 


#5 Too many task sequences

Have seen as many as 50 task sequences, a large number of task sequences should not be necessary and probably means it is not being used as designed.


#6 No strategy for 3rd party upgrades

Again, it is important to have a process and plan. There are a handful of third party solutions to consider. Secunia, Solarwinds and SCUP were specifically pointed out and highlighted as being in the expo hall.


#7 Missing ConfigMgr hotfixes

Know what hotfixes are out there even if you don't decide to apply them all


#8 No security model

Prevent accidental deletions and distributions with security settings


#9 One account fits all

They would like to see a few service accounts configured with the minimal amount of required permissions (not one domain admin account for everything)


#10 Our config manager guy left the company a few months ago

An organization should maintain multiple experienced staff and ensure thorough documentation