If you are getting an error message that states the Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable. You have no idea what's the reason? Then just read this blog carefully, here I will explain both the Manual and alternative methods to fix this issue.

MS Outlook is now one of the most commonly used email clients, it gives its user the most advanced features and add-ons. Still, it has some issues that give an error message. One of the issues is the unavailability of the Deleted items folder that most of the Outlook users are facing. It doesn’t permit to delete the unwanted messages from their inbox (and transfer these emails to the deleted items folder). The users will get the following message:

“The Deleted item folder is unavailable”

The Deleted Items folder is unapproachable and it is quite normal among the IMAP account users to counter this error code. This error doesn’t vanish even after restarting the Outlook. The Deleted Items folder is a system folder that is created while creating the mailbox. There are several occasions where you need to get those emails back that you have abruptly deleted. You need to bring back those emails so that you can restore them. But this situation can be worse if the deleted item folder is unavailable.   

 In order to tackle this situation, you can use these tricks that are written below. First, read the manual procedure and then the alternative one.

Strategies to fix the “Deleted item folder missing Outlook 2010" Issue

If you want to access the Deleted Items folder. Then, you should or might have to allot or create accurate folders via manual measures. You can use the manual methods so that you can resolve the Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable" Issue. You can use these tricks in order to resolve the Outlook missing folder problem.

Method 1: Subscribe to opt the Missing Folder for IMAP Accounts

In case, if the Outlook Deleted Items folder went missing. Then, it means or signifies that there is a possibility or a higher chance. The user has not subscribed to them. In order to see and approach all the folders present in the IMAP account. You have to go along with the steps that are written below:

  • First, visit your IMAP account and then choose the Inbox folder.

  • After that, right-tap the Inbox folder and choose IMAP Folders.

  • This will result in opening the IMAP Folders dialog box. Tap on the Query tab > choose the Deleted Items folder > and tap on the Subscribe.

  • To know whether you have successfully subscribed to the Deleted Items folder or not. Just scan the folders present under the Subscribed tab.

Method 2: Generate a Newly Deleted Items Folder via Manual method

Once you allot the Deleted Items folder, you are required to enlarge the entire folders to view. If there has been this folder. In case, you have the Deleted Items folder, then you are required to create it via manual method. In case, if you want to generate a new folder. Then, you can tap on the “New Folder” button which is present under the “Folder” tab.

Still, many users receive or get another error occasionally. It might be the case if you attempt to create or generate a new folder under a non-root folder. More often than not, there are situations wherein most IMAP accounts, the root folder is “Inbox”. In other words, you have to generate new folders under “Inbox”.

Method 3: Assign the Correct Deleted Items Folder

Once you have created the Deleted Items Folder through the manual method then, you have to assign it. All you have to do is to follow these instructions that are given below:

  • First to start the process, visit the “File” > “Account Settings”.
  • Next, in the “Account Settings” window, Move to Email tab and under the Email tab, double-tap on the IMAP account.
  • After that, “Change Account” will popup in the window, and tap on the “More Settings” button.
  • Then, In the“Internet Email Settings” dialog box, visit the “Deleted Items” tab.
  • Then, choose the desired folder of your choice where you want to store your deleted items
  • At last,  press numerous “OK” up to all the dialog boxes are closed.

Once you finish your three steps that are written above. Then you will not face this issue -  “The Deleted Items is unavailable” any longer.

Now as you see the above manual methods are quite long and time taking methods. You can use the alternative method that will perform the whole process within the blink of the eye. As you know that not every application is perfectly perfect and they can easily get errors. Hence the same thing is applicable to the MS Outlook. Therefore it is necessary to find the main cause behind these errors i.e find the root of the problem. So that we can solve them easily.  

If you are unable to perform these methods or don’t want to operate the manual method. Then you can use the alternative tool. This will perform this process in a short time and in a swift manner.

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It is quite common among the user to get stuck, where they found the message. The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable. Hence it is necessary to know the different methods so that they can apply it at that time. Therefore in this blog, I have discussed different tricks that will prove to be useful and are easy to operate. But if the user is a novice or beginner, unable to operate these methods. Then the user can use the alternative method. This method is built with a simple interface and can be easily operated.