I'm proud to announce a new, better than ever, release of our suite of remote tools. All of our tools are clientless and therefore have no client license so they are certainly affordable for administrators. The new version has better handling of multithreaded processing and some other behind-the-scenes changes to make them even more reliable than before. Please check them out http://www.InstallSolutions.net

The suite includes:

Remote Software Installation Utility 2009 - Instantly install software packages to systems remotely without a client.

Remote System Query Utility 2009 - Gather information quickly from remote systems such as registry keys, and file, service, computer properties.

Active Directory Query Utility 2009 - Supports many new Object types in the latest edition of AD. Search and export information from AD without extensive scripting knowledge.

Enjoy! As always we value feedback. If you have any to share send us a note: sales at installsolutions dot net