Since I got some positive comments on the shift right click thing...
I was teaching another packaging course last week (Physical MSI stuff)

We were discussing how to set up the 'packaging' machines.
I am a fan of pre populating the RUN with all the things I need when I am packaging, well not all the things, but about 10 things.

One of them is the UNC path to where I need to start, I work at a lot of sites and I can’t remember the paths.
This was about the time we were looking at special things in an MSI like ODBC, Environments etc.

So the scenario, where I do 32 bit packaging for a month or so, then back to another site that is x64. No major deal, but every now and then I used to get caught out with the ODBC connections.

It started with a telephone call, something like 'your package is crap, there is no ODBC connection'.
Strange, as that was part of the test, so why did I release the package?
Question: Did you just go RUN odbcad32??
Answer: yes

Right, that is NOT the odbc tool you need, that’s the 64 bit version. (Since the MSI puts down 32bit ODBC connections, you need to run the 32 bit ODBC tool, which is also called.... odbcad32, but that's not confusing!!) 


So, to help my peanut brain cope, on the machines I package (or sequence on) I populate the RUN with the FULL path to each ODBCAD32


 When I showed them this, there was an instant WOW moment; they were currently investigating some issues with ODBC connections.