I had an issue where new patches deployed do not show the deploy date or even that they have deployed. 

After speaking with Kace they gave me the following information:

"I found the answer to the other questions you had regarding the patching dates not showing up.  It seems that the issue with some patches not showing as installed even when you confirmed that they are is that the were multiple patches that ran at the same time and one patch installed over the one that was listed as patched.  Since it got installed over the one listed as patched,  the date on the second patch shows 00 00 00 for the dates that it was installed.


It isn't actually a defect, but an issue with the deploy order and there is hopes that in the future the deploy order will list the actual date that latest version as installed. "

"It is the order that the patches are deployed in  If there is a patch that requires a previous patch to be installed before it is installed, the first patch will have the date and time it was installed. The ones after that may not. which is why it will not show a date of when the patch was installed and instead show all 00s. "