1. Windows installer 3.1 must be installed on all target machines otherwise package will not run on target machines.

Installation Steps

The steps necessary to create the custom Office 2007 system installation are:

1. Copy the contents of the 2007 Office system DVD to any Folder (E.g. c:\Office2007) on local machine.

2. Create an .msp file.

Start the OCT by running setup /admin. Specify features, user settings, and security settings to be applied, and save the file to the Folder already created in Step -1

i.e. "c:\office2007\custom.msp"

3. Manually test the configuration.

Before uploading the MS Office 2007 Zip file to the KBox, manually test it in a lab environment to ensure that it is correct. To do so, run setup.exe /adminfile custom.msp

4. Change the .msp file to perform a silent installation.

Run setup/ admin again, open the .msp file to be changed, and change the Licensing and user interface page by clearing the Completion notice and Suppress modal check boxes and setting the display level to none.

5. Open the Folder created in step# 1 ( c:\Office2007 ) and select all files ( Ctrl+A) and create a Zip file.

6. Upload the File to KBox and specify the Full command line:

Setup.exe/adminfile custom.msp

7. Specify other options, snooze, and schedule as required.