Faster loading
You need to stop caring about working with large packages. The core modules of RayPack have been improved to achieve better overall performance. The time required for loading big RPP/MSI projects with ten thousands of objects, depending on the specific scenario, environment, and the actual size of the package, should decrease by astonishing 99%.

Direct EULA editing
RayPack’s application view has been redesigned. This means that the settings are grouped in new tabs, and additionally there is a way to specify the End User License Agreement for the current project by loading and saving directly from an RTF.

Conditions builder
The condition builder allows to easily define conditions for components, features and properties belonging to the current package.
It can also recognize the predefined MSI properties, and provides a handy set of comparison and state/action conditions. Simply clicking items to add them to condition clauses enormously increases productivity and decreases erroneous condition definitions.

Extended File & Folder management options
It is now getting really convenient to filter tree structures with the feature selector, which is offered for the Files & Folders as well as for the Registry view in PackDesigner. The selector shows the number of items per feature. The current selection is automatically preselected to be the target feature for any new item created within the view. Narrowing the object focus down to the actually required section really helps to speed up essential working steps.

In 2.0, the user is also enabled to mark any folder as “dynamic” by simply linking it to a physical path on the drive. This enables the definition of the target feature and of wildcards to filter out unnecessary fi les from the physical folder. Using this feature is recommended to define resource structures which change frequently.

Topic for the next post: Additional new enabler technologies in RayPack 2.0