Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (NYSE: SAY), a leading global business consulting and information technology services provider, announced today that it has partnered with ChangeBASE, the London-based maker of the AOK suite of compatibility products. The agreement calls for Satyam to integrate ChangeBASE AOK within its existing services, to provide customers with an accelerated Application Compatibility Testing, Remediation and Packaging solution.

The world-class software, coupled with Satyam's extensive expertise, will automate many of the tasks required to make applications work seamlessly on a chosen platform. The result is a more rapid process for application compatibility reporting and repair issues across a range of platforms, including Microsoft XP and VISTA , as well as a broad range of virtualization environments. It is especially useful in the early phases of a project, because it assesses migration program requirements very quickly and accurately.

"By leveraging ChangeBASE AOK, we can provide a detailed report on the status of a complete application suite before a migration project," said Nick Sharma, the global head of Satyam's Infrastructure Management Practice. "When incorporated into our service suite, the ChangeBASE tools remove many obstacles associated with application deployment, which is a considerable challenge for many organizations. They also solve complex business and technology problems very rapidly, so companies can focus on strategic initiatives."

AOK has enabled Satyam to reduce the time required to package applications for a new environment by 70 percent. Additionally, Satyam is launching several new services that incorporate AOK. These include an application portfolio assessment that produces results in days, rather than months. It also determines applications' readiness to run on new platforms, such as VISTA or Virtualization. Several Satyam clients have reduced the time of such programs by 90 percent. At the same time, service quality and consistency have improved.

Satyam is the first Microsoft Applications Compatibility Factory partner to deploy AOK. At first, it will deploy the tool in its packaging factory, and then on-site operations, enabling clients to benefit from infrastructure management services more quickly and at less cost.

"Satyam is revolutionizing several traditionally manual processes for application compatibility testing and packaging, and creating a new benchmark in application estate management services," Sharma added. "These efforts are resulting in practical, real-world advantages for customers."

"Several organizations have benchmarked our software, and the services Satyam has built around it, and found that it provides significant cost, accuracy, consistency and quality benefits," said ChangeBASE Managing Director John Tate. "We look forward to helping Satyam’s ever-growing list of global customers increase their efficiency and serve customers better by managing their applications and taking advantage of optimal OS and virtual platforms with ease."


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About ChangeBASE

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in London, ChangeBASE AOK is the provider and developer of AOK, unique software that automates the compatibility assessment, remediation, management and upgrade of applications in a Microsoft operating system or virtual environment.

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