Snow License Manager provides a unified view of what software has been purchased, what software is installed, and what is in use. This allows you to reclaim unused licenses, eliminate unused applications, lower maintenance renewal costs, and more accurately determine future software needs.

The result of license management is a dramatically reduced cost of software ownership.

Now the system is released in a new version.

Several new features have been added. The new features will help our customers to, in an even more detailed way, administrate there applications and licenses.

New key features.

· Categories:

It is now possible to organise grouped applications into categories. A new report called 'Applications per Category' has been added to the General Reports section. The categories are administered from 'Categories' in the Administration section.

· License Administration:

Four new fields have been added to the License Administration task; 'Owner' (the owner of the license), 'Location' (a link to the physical license document or location), 'Description' and 'Custom'.