Mac ships Minis and some laptops with Fusion Drives and/or CoreStorage volumes. As of January 2016, the only way to install DeepFreeze on machines shipped with either of these technologies is to break the fusion by deleting the logical volume.

BEFORE IMAGING a Mac with Fusion Drive technology (which makes the internal SSD and traditional HDD behave as a single drive), the Logical Volume Group needs to be deleted, which formats the drive back to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volumes (JHFS+). The following article walks through the process step by step: Mac World article on Splitting a Fusion Drive

Boot to the imaging server, open Terminal and use the following commands:

to get the Logical Volume Group ID (lvgUUID) - "diskutil coreStorage list"
to delete the Logical Volume Group - "diskutil coreStorage delete lvgUUID" (replacing lvgUUID with the ID copied from the top of the list results)

Faronics knowledge base articles discussing the issue: