I found looking over several different forums and sites how to get the TeamViewer integration for simple click and remote in KACE.  I put together a process how I got it to fully automate the obtaining of the TeamViewer ID and simple two click connection to remote the remote device.  I hope you find this helpful.

TeamViewer/KACE integration

This is done with a few different tasks to do in KACE.  These are the steps I completed after creating and deployed our own custom Host MSI package of TeamViewer with our settings and password built in, however the support technician needs to have the full TeamViewer support client installed.

First step is to add a custom field in KACE to identify the TeamViewer Support ID.


Task 1 (This is for creating custom inventory field for TeamViewer 11 Support ID)

  • Under Inventory>Software, choose New under the Choose Action drop down menu.

  • Give it a name TEAMVIEWERID           

  • Version is 11.x

  • Publisher is TeamViewer

  • Add notes (Captures ID for TeamViewer 11)

  • Select all Windows based operating systems under Supported Operating Systems

  • The Custom Inventory Rule is asking what to look for.  In this case, we are look for the TeamViewer ID in the registry.  Copy and paste:

    • RegistryValueReturn(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TeamViewer, ClientID, NUMBER)

  • Click Save. (After systems begin to inventory, they will populate this field if they have TeamViewer 11 Installed.  This is located under Software>Custom Inventory Fields in Device Inventory.



    Task 2 (This is for adding the TeamViewer Device Actions to the inventory fields)

  • Under Settings>General Settings scroll down to the bottom until you see Device Actions

  • Click Add New Action

  • In the name box, type TeamViewer Remote

  • In the Action drop down, choose Custom Action

  • In the Command Line box, copy and paste this line:

    • "%ProgramFiles%\\TeamViewer\\TeamViewer.exe" -i KACE_CUSTOM_INVENTORY_TEAMVIEWERID --Password P@ssw0rd

  • Click Save and Restart Services (This will cause the K1000 to go offline for a few seconds)



    NOTE: This is only designed to work with Internet Explorer (If you wish to use Firefox or Chrome, you will need to add the IE Tab plugin)

You will also need to have the full TeamViewer Program installed onto your PC.  Several settings need to be applied to the IE Settings for it to work.  These settings can be applied via GPO or manually directly on the support PC.  Here are the security settings that must be done in IE for this to work.:

Tools Internet Options | Security Select Trusted Sites Icon | Sites Button
    -Add the KACE server to the zone (should be in the top box if you have KACE open actively)
    -Require Server Identification (Uncheck)
    -Click Close Click on Custom Level button ActiveX Controls  Plugins
    -Allow previously unused ActiveX controls Enable
    -Allow scriptlets > Enable
    -Automatic Prompting for ActiveX controls > Enable
    -Download unsigned ActiveX controls Enable
    -Initialize & script ActiveX controls not marked safe for scripting > Enable
    -Run ActiveX controls and plugins > Enable Click OK to close Security Settings Window Click OK to close Internet Options Window