Instaler.exe is available in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

Installation Monitor consists of three command line utilities. The first, INSTALLER.EXE, watches a setup (or other specified process) and creates an IML file that stores this data. Syntax:

instaler.exe imlfile d:\setup.exe

Setup.exe runs and documents all changes made by it and any child processes it invokes in a file called imlfile.iml.

The data is not stored in plain text, so a second tool, SHOWINST.EXE, is provided to display the collected data. Syntax:

showinst imlfile.iml

If this wasn't a helpful enough tool already, a third command line tool is included that allows changes recorded to be undone: UNDOINST.EXE. Syntax:

undoinst imlfile.iml

This causes the tool to undo the changes described by imlfile.iml.

A handful of additional switches are provided to further control the collection and reporting features of each tool, see included documentation for complete details.