At present I have ~50 PC's and ~ 250 Macs to deploy to. As we're all well aware, there's no multicasting, no Nic bonding, and no support for interfaces faster than 1gbit on the K2000. My disk images are ~ 70-90gb (thanks, various creative suites!) What I've done is deploy multiple RSA's to the same subnet and locked them to a particular platform, i.e. one RSA has netboot enabled for the Macs, the other RSA is set up as a PXE boot server, and they're only populated with the corresponding disk images. This has permitted me to divide the load between 2 separate devices and upped my (concurrent) deployment speed slightly. The next step would ideally be something from KACE to allow the primary machine to distribute traffic; I see this as a way to have the primary K2000 act as a traffic director for load balancing purposes. Hopefully a feature like this is somewhere in the pipeline. Any thoughts or input?