Problem:  If the time is off on the ESXi host, it can cause the time to be off in a virtual K1000 or K2000.

Solution:  Ensure the time is set correctly on the ESXi host or enable a NTP server.

1. Log into the ESXi server and click on the KACE Appliance VM, then the Summary tab.

2. Ensure that the Guest OS is set to FreeBSD (64 Bit).  Check what VM Version is present.

3. Click on the link for Host.

4. Click Configuration, then Time Configuration under Software on the left hand side of the pane.

5. Check the NTP settings and ensure that the ESX server is reflecting the proper time.  Update the ESX server if necessary.

6. If that setting is correct, please follow this article:


If the issue is still unresolved, please document the troubleshooting steps that have already been performed and submit a ticket to KACE support: