I've been working on a tool recently to convert MSI, CMD, BAT and VBS files to App-V 4.6 and App-V 5.  I did originally intend for this to be a free tool, but it's taken me so long I thought I'd charge a nominal £1 per conversion - still massive savings compared to other conversion solutions out there.  It uses Oracle Virtual Box virtual machines to perform the sequencing, so we are able to use specific customer builds to sequence on.  An overview of the tool's functionality can be found below, or you can find out more information here.  Thanks!

Link to Tool:


  • Keep your installation files local and secure
  • Utilise industry leading Oracle virtualisation software
  • Bulk import multiple applications to convert
  • Automatically use the same naming convention as your MSI/scripts, or manually change them
  • Perform batch automated* conversions of .MSI, .VBS, .BAT and .CMD to App-V 4.6 and App-V 5 formats
  • Apply one or many transforms (MSTs) to MSI installations
  • Manually specify package names (auto-generated from imported MSI/MST name as default)
  • Perform MNT/VFS installations (App-V 4.6)
  • Manually specify PVAD, or automatically set PVAD to actual installation directory (App-V 5/MSI only)
  • Specify App-V templates, Full Load, Mount Drives etc
  • Record Problem Step Recorder screenshots for manual captures
  • Output to logical folder structure
  • Compatible with Oracle VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation virtual machines
  • License not used for failed conversions**
  • Unlimited remote support

* scripted installations can only be automatically converted if the scripts themselves are automated with no human interaction required.

** sufficient error handling required in scripts


Version History

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

Version 1.1 (14/02/15)

  • Bug fixes
  • Import folder depth
  • EXE support
  • Installation arguments
  • Visual tweaks

Version 1.2 (08/06/15)

  • Fixed bug that prevented snapshots from populating

Version 1.3 (04/07/15)

  • Added STA mode for OLE copy and paste between cells
  • Update PVADs based on Package Name change

Version 1.4 (26/07/16)

  • Supports VirtualBox 5.x
  • Consequently the broken logic has been fixed when selecting VM snapshots