Talk of cloud computing is everywhere, making it no surprise that research shows an estimated 30% annual growth for the industry worldwide. This technology undoubtedly benefits everyone from the individual to large corporations, but with private and public services readily available how do you choose the option that is best for you and your business?

While any business can benefit from a cloud environment, small businesses witness great success in utilizing it to create a more productive and flexible work environment. However, due to the size of a small organization, cost and breadth of services provided through private and public cloud infrastructures may be too great and often times unnecessary. These organizations could simply use any combination of cloud computing apps in order to make storing and sharing data easy and allow the organization to run at peak efficiency.  Outlined below, is today’s top cloud computing apps for any small business:

  1. OfficeTime records billable hours and generates reports and invoices immediately from them.
  2. SageOne offers expense management, project tracking, invoicing and much more. Designed specifically for small businesses.  
  3. DocuSign Pro allows documents to be signed and sent completely online, complete with a court approved audit trail.
  4. SalesForce the leader in CRM, this cloud technology includes full reporting and analytics, sales forecasts, e-mail marketing, basic customer service tools and real-time data sharing.
  5. QuickBase places all company databases on an online location so employees can easily acquire secure web access to them.
  6. Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive are all excellent options for file synching, sharing and collaboration. Only slight differences make these competitors stand out from each other.
  7. QuickBooks Online Plus allows for easy payroll, billing and sales and purchase data.
  8. Rebit Pro makes setting up and executing backups easy for small businesses.
  9. PureCloud an inexpensive vulnerability scanner that creates a prioritized list of network weaknesses and threats which allows even security novices to understand the report results.

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