WiseScript is not dead.  You can still purchase it from Flexera, and it's no longer tied to having the Symantec flavored version of AdminStudio.

I still use WiseScript daily.  It remians the easiest to use scripting tool and wrapper for Application deployment.

WiseScript works great on Windows 7, 8 and 10!

WiseScript's extendability is robust.   I have created several custom actions for WiseScript, and will make them avaialble to anyone who asks.  Here are some of the actions:

Check if older
Check if Process is running
Elevate file or directory
Elevate Registry Key
Indeterminate Progress Bar.
Kill Process
Play WAV File (the built in Play Multimedia File seems to be broken above XP)
Random Number
Remove MSI
Set Program Files Variable (automatically creates a variable for Program Files directory on 32 and 64 bit.)
User Postponemet (GUI with progress bar.  Lets users delay a software push.  Alows for company branded logo)

If interested, contact me.  Would love to share ideas with other WiseScript users.