Getting a quick look at all of a computer's details in one clean report can be valuable in the event it should become lost or damaged. The System Inventory Tool scans your computer and generates a detailed hardware and software inventory report that can be saved or printed for future reference. Additional scenarios where a system inventory can be helpful are the ability to determine compatibility with new operating systems, and in identifying any changes to a system that might highlight problems. The System Inventory Tool addresses these needs by providing a Windows compatibility report, measuring the local system against minimum and recommended system requirements for various versions of the Windows operating system. Also valuable, the System Inventory Tool remembers details about a computer and compares them with the previous version when a new report is run. This helps to clearly show any changes made to the system since the prior inventory report was generated.

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Windows 7 (supports both 32bit and 64bit platforms), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008