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I am new to the Kace Deployment Solution but have been given the task of getting it up and running within our company.

I have managed to get it successfully capturing images and deploying captured imaged to and from a specific makes and models of machines.

The solution I am aiming for is to have a blank Windows 7 x64 build and somehow inject the drivers into that build upon deployment, however i have no idea how to do with a machine that is not a Dell.

I have successfully run the driverfeedbuilder_x64.exe which I harvested directly from the PC but that's where I get lost.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Mavrick,
 Here is a tutorial to get you started:

As for Capturing / Deploying the image... You will need to remove the drivers during sysprep.
You can modify your Answer file to have:

Then after you upload your sysprepped image, you will use the driver feed to deploy device drivers.

If your image is not sysprepped, start with this:

Answered 06/27/2017 by: Desktop Jockey
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  • Hi Desktop Jockey
    Thanks for the reply. I have watched the tutorial and it would appear than when I harvest the drivers and then run the driver tool.vbs the drivers are harvesting to the wrong location so I have got Quest currently investigating and arranging a remote session.

    Just out of curiosity when it comes to Drivers and Driver feeds does it matter if the captured image is a .wim or does it have to be a K-Image for the driver feeds to work.
    • Driver feed is available for both. My images are all wim.