Any BIOS settings need to be changed to prepare a Dell Precision 7520 to be imaged?

We have a K2000 appliance pushing out a WIM image to our Dell Latitudes e7450, 7480, & 5450s. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful imaging a Dell Precision 7520. Upon boot-up, we are immediately presented with a blue-screen (stop error 0x0000007B). The research I've done against this error leads me to believe the KACE is not pushing out the correct drivers? I've downloaded the drivers to the driver eed, and re-cached all drivers within the KACE environment, but still unsuccessful.

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  • KACE driver feed just uses the drivers provided by Dell. Try removing drivers you think are the issue, or add them in one at a time to find the culprit. - cserrins 4 years ago
  • What if you change the SATA Operation from RAID to AHCI or vice versa? (it's on the BIOS). - Channeler 4 years ago
  • We perform a WMI call to determine the model information, so RAID to AHCI has no affect on that information. - cserrins 4 years ago
    • I changed sata operation from RAID to AHCI and vice versa but still failed. I've attached a few screenshots. The drivers (all 105 of them) appear to successfully load, then it abruptly halts with "image succesfully". The last completed task on KACE is Setup Post Install Tasks. - agonzalez 4 years ago
      • It begins the task; Update Configuration for OS Tasks" then eventually gives the message that the image completed. - agonzalez 4 years ago
  • Do you remember if that System Image was properly Syspreped before the capture phase?

    A non Syspreped image will carry out drivers that might cause conflicts with this model's drivers.

    You may want to try a Scripted Install using a virgin\vanilla Win7 ISO (volume license), and that will use the same drivers... if you do not see a BSOD, I would say the drivers in the feeds are cool.... - Channeler 4 years ago
    • Thanks for responding! We've been imaging e7450, 7480, & 5450s with no issues, and still continue to do so. The golden image was created in a VM, with no added drivers. We then used sysprep_executor_x64, and then capturing it to the KACE server. I will try to do the scripted install as you recommended. Will report back. - agonzalez 4 years ago
      • Is your original image that is failing from a Scripted Install that was deployed to a VM with no drivers? - cserrins 4 years ago
  • This image is failing to deploy to Dell 7510s and 7520s. Otherwise, the image is deploying just fine to our other Dell model systems. It is a WIM System Image. I've uploaded a screenshot. I hope I've answered your question. Thanks again for all the help! - agonzalez 4 years ago
    • try that scripted install, that will be a vanilla untouched Win7 x64, let us know How it goes - Channeler 4 years ago
    • I want to know if you first deployed an SI into a VM with no drivers and then built a golden image from that, or did you deploy to a physical machine to build your golden image? - cserrins 4 years ago
      • Oh, I misunderstood you. I spun up the Windows 7 golden image via VMWare ESXI server. I used a volume license and attached the .iso. It was not a SI into a VM. - agonzalez 4 years ago
  • By spun up a win7 golden image, explain further. You should search our Quest knowledgebase on windows system imaging best practices at to how we suggest creating it from start to finish. - cserrins 4 years ago
    • I created a virtual machine (Windows 7 x64) using an iso via VMWare ESXi. As per the best practices below. As previously mentioned, we have no issues with the image. Only when trying to deploy to 7510s and 7520s. I will try an SI and report back.

      ****Description - KACE recommended best practices for creating a Windows Golden System Image.
      • Creating a Virtual Machine
      • Create your golden image in a virtual machine to keep it clean of extra drivers.*** - agonzalez 4 years ago
      • Sounds good, so sounds like an issue with the drivers from the driver pack, I would suggest removing them all and them adding them back one by one to see which causes the blue screen. - cserrins 4 years ago
  • Thanks, I will try that as well. Good suggestion, I have not tried to delete the driver packs and reinstall them. Thanks again for all the suggestions. I'm open to any other ideas/solutions. Thanks! - agonzalez 4 years ago
  • Have you updated the BIOS? - TimHR 4 years ago
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System support for Intel Kaby Lake processors

    http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln304217/microsoft-windows-operating-system-support-for-intel-kaby-lake-processors?lang=en - TimHR 4 years ago

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Posted by: Dubber74 4 years ago
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I ran into this problem with 7520s and 5580s. There is a patch that you need to get from Microsoft to add to your reference image of Windows 7 that gives it native driver support.

Here is a Dell Article on this that has some troubleshooting steps as well as a link to the MS KB where you can get the patch from MS.


Here is the MS Article


  • Great articles, thank you! I was finally able to image a 7510, and a 7520 with Windows 10. I had to create a Windows 10 golden image and sysprep it. Then, followed the documentation mentioned above. There a few kinks I'm ironing out, but for the most part, I have a working sysprepped image I can push via KACE. Thanks everyone! - agonzalez 4 years ago
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