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Since updating to v8, our scripts instead of snoozing when the prompt times out, report back as "cancelled by user" despite us disabling the cancel option.

Anyone seen this or know what's up?  We had never seen this behavior before upgrading to v8.  
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I just tried using the timeout, all ok,  8.1 SMA with 8.1 agents. Check your KAgent.log on that user's workstation, it should log --user picked SNOOZE--

The log is in C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE\user\

  1. [2018-08-02.10:18:08][KUserAlert:wWinMain             ] KUserAlert ------------------------ START
  2. [2018-08-02.10:18:08][KUserAlert:wWinMain             ] KUserAlert     called: C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\KACE\KUserAlert.exe -suffix=e7fd4ba9737188f0375ca19416f56f77 -name=!ENC!QChuYW1lX2Rlc2t0b3BhbGVydCk=!ENC! -message=!ENC!VGFza3Mgd2FpdGluZyB0byBiZSBwZXJmb3JtZWQuIENsaWNrIE9LIHRvIGNvbnRpbnVlLg==!ENC! -timeout=1800 -ok -snooze -default=snooze
  3. [2018-08-02.10:18:08][KUserAlert:wWinMain             ] KUserAlert:  suffix provided, set as e7fd4ba9737188f0375ca19416f56f77
  4. [2018-08-02.10:18:08][KUserAlert:CGradientBackgroundT<] KUserAlert, loading logo id 206
  5. [2018-08-02.10:18:08][KUserAlert:CGradientBackgroundT<] KUserAlert    Found and using Custom logo
  6. [2018-08-02.10:18:08][KUserAlert:CMainDlg::SetTimeoutD] KUserAlert    timeout set to 1800 seconds
  7. [2018-08-02.10:18:08][KUserAlert:KUAApp::Run          ] KUserAlert:  showing window
  8. [2018-08-02.10:19:14][KUserAlert:KUAApp::Run          ] KUserAlert:  closing, wait 1 sec and delete files
  9. [2018-08-02.10:19:15][KUserAlert:wWinMain             ] KUserAlert END
  10. [2018-08-02.10:19:15][KPlugins(4456):KPluginDesktopAle] Alert: user picked SNOOZE.
  11. [2018-08-02.10:19:15][KPlugins(4456):KPluginDesktopAle] pluginDesktopAlerts: ----- complete doPluginDesktopAlerts -----
Answered 08/02/2018 by: Channeler
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