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Whenever a "new" OS shows up on the K1000, that OS is not selected to run any Custom Inventory Rules (CIRs). Unfortunately, "new" can mean a different build of an operating system, which is extremely problematic for Macs. I have 213(!!!) distinct entries for Mac OS X in my "OPERATING_SYSTEM" table, and on CIRs I can see there are 49 which are active. This means that every time the Mac OS is updated I have to go in to each CIR in Software Inventory to enable it in "Supported Operating Systems". As we increase the number of CIRs, this has become untenable: It takes about ten minutes of redundant clicking. This year alone, there have been 8 new OSes detected in my environment. Is there any way to add these automatically to CIRs? Has anyone tackled this problem in another way? Or if anyone knows a uservoice entry for this improvement, let me know.
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I agree that this is a major annoyance. It should be possible to create a ticket rule that will insert rows into the SOFTWARE_OS_JT table but I haven't experimented with it.

Answered 04/06/2017 by: chucksteel
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  • The problem with that is I don't know a method to select only the "new" OSes in the "SELECT" statement of a Custom Ticket Rule. Since there's no "date added" column in OPERATING_SYSTEMS, I can't query something like "select the OSes that have been added in the past week." So I suppose I'd have to filter by whether or not their included in the SOFTWARE_OS_JT already. But would that mean I'm also going to add all the old OSes that have expired from my environment?
    • I was thinking that it might make more sense to select based on major and minor version numbers. For instance:
      FAMILY = "windows"
      and MAJOR_VERSION = 10

      would get all of the Windows 10 versions.

      FAMILY = "mac"
      and MAJOR_VERSION = 10
      and MINOR_VERSION in (9,10,11,12)

      would get the Mac OS 10.9 and above versions. This would let you selectively target MacOS versions, also, so you won't be pushing software and rules to new major releases until you're ready and you update the rule.

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