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Hi Ninjas,

Hope someone can help here.     I have multiple Lenovo Miix Devices that when i push my image too the rotation sensors do not function correctly (even after driver installs).    The OOBE devices work correctly.

I need to harvest a System Image from one of the OOBE devices (After some software and feature customization)  however these devices do not have a network card and i cannot get them to  PXE boot from a docking station.

Is there a way to boot into the boot environment and capture an image to USB HDD?   or does anyone know a way to allow the devices to boot from PXE through a docking station?

As a side note,  i have been imaging from USB HDD.  But i do not get the typical KBE options.  As i have the image installed on the usb it auto selects the image and kicks off the install.   If i dont have the image on the USB it doesnt load the KBE correctly.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!

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So i figured this one out.   

Downloaded the Display Link Drivers for the Targus Dock120AUZ.  Installed on my workstation.  

Browsed to C:\ProgramFiles\DisplayLink\Drivers.   Copied the content into \\KaceSDA\Drivers\KBEBootVersion

Recached the drivers.   Used KBE Manipulator to create new boot environment with new drivers.   

Created Bootable USB with Static IP of Kace SDA and DHCP workstation allocation. 

The Lenovo Miix needs to be set to allow Legacy Boot Options.   Boot to the USB.

I can now capture and Deploy images using the Targus Dock

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