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Create UEFI Partitions Return code 2147755356

03/06/2015 5229 views
I have a dell Venue 11 Pro and when I try to image it, the create UEFI Partitions fails with the following::

Task ID:12
Task name: Create UEFI Partitions
Return Code 2147755356
Error description: Unknown error

My Create UEFI Partitons looks as follows:
Select disk  0
Convert gpt
Create partition efi size=200
Assign letter=s
Format quick fs=FAT32
Create partition msr size=128
Create partition primary
Assign letter=c
Format quick fs=NTFS

It work before, and then I duplicated the create UEFI Partitions and made some changes to the duplicate and tested it once. It errored out and then I swiched it back to the create uefi partitions and it is now giving me this error. I am 90% sure that it is an issue on the machine itself and not on the k2000. I am just not sure how to reset it. My guess is (and I hope its not true) that when I was using the copy of create uefi partitions that I messed something on the partitions and broke it. 
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Not sure what the deal was, but I ended up wiping out my bootable usb and rebuilding it and it seems to have corrected this error. It is now installing the windows 8.1 again.
Answered 03/09/2015 by: SquirrelHermit
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It may have had an existing Windows Boot Manager.
Answered 04/19/2017 by: mikedouglas
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