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does any one know how to install Cygwin for windows really silent 
- without progress windows with option to counsel  - first the download and second the installation
- the option  -q  or --quiet-mode does not work as desired 
- same all the amper sand options - /b /&  >null  2>null to sent the progress windows to the back ground do not work 
any help appriciated

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I use parameters like this to install Cygwin. You may have to specify any packages and the site you're going to use. https://www.cygwin.com/faq/faq.html#faq.setup.cli has a list of relevant arguments for the setup exe. You can even pre-download all the components and have the whole thing completely offline.

--arch x86 --download --no-shortcuts --only-site <DOWNLOAD HOST> --packages <PACKAGE LIST> --quiet-mode --root `<PATH TO ROOT>

--no-admin might prevent a UAC prompt, although you could use psexec to install as system to avoid that.

Answered 08/21/2019 by: macxcool
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  • this was not my question
    the question was
    - did some one manage to install Cigwins in real quiet mode - without the progress windows - progress windows has a button cancel
    permitting the user to cancel the installation
    when canceled this level - the cigwins setup is then broken - not delivering a error message back as the installation broke due to usere interaction
    - the SCCM markes the installation as done - since there was no error returned fron the cigwins setup to SCCM
    - can you follow me know ??