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We have a few files and registry entries and INI file which will be used by multiple installations.
So we have created a merge module and using it.

In the INI file we have a key value which refers to a folder in programdata.So I searched for the directory property and using it in the value.

Like, key = [directorytableentry]value

But the entry is not getting expanded in the final installation.Which it used to be when we create the INI file in the installation itself directly.
But not working with merge module.

When I checked the generated msi, the directory property is being appended with some random GUID as directorytableentryGUID.

So how to manage this then?? 

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  • Please ensure that the Directory Property you have used exists in the ‘Directory’ table and spelled correctly. Check that the ‘msidbIniFileActionAddLine’ (0) Action is set. But frankly, that's not enough information - can you please show contents of the ‘Directory’ and ‘IniFile’ tables?
  • The directory entry is there in the merge module but in the final msi..the directory entry is getting appended with some guid value
    • Without seeing the Directory table of the final msi (after importing the merge module) it's impossible to identify the problem, so if you make a screenshot we will try to help.

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