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Has anyone had success running HPIA from Kace SMA?

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HP has deprecated Softpaq Download Manager (SDM), so I'm trying to convert us to HP Image Assistant (HPIA) which is HP's current recommendation. There's some nice things that HPIA does, like building softpaq repositories at runtime, which has the potential to make my life a lot easier.

This works fine as part of a batch file, run by technicians: 

start /wait "Driver Updater" "%HPIA%\HPImageAssistant.exe" /Operation:Analyze /Action:Install /Silent /Category:BIOS,Drivers,Firmware /ReportFolder:%log% /SoftpaqDownloadFolder:"%softpaqpath%"

If Kace SMA tries to run it as part of a kscript, using the same technician's credentials, it hangs on HPImageAssistantLauncher, and never completes. I can even add the /debug flag, and it won't create the debug log. However, if Kace runs it with Local System credentials, and with %softpaqpath% set to a local path, it works fine, except it can't access a network driver repository using the Local System creds.

My workaround for the time being is terrible and if anyone has a better idea, I'd love to hear it. I have Kace SMA run a batch file with network tech creds that does the following: 

Copy the network repo for that model/os combo to the PC

Create a scheduled task that runs a separate HPIA batch file with Local System rights

Run that task

Loop a timeout until HPIA finishes

Delete the scheduled task so it doesn't get triggered later

Copy any changes that HPIA made to the local repo back up to the network repo.

Here's a link to the relevant section of the batch

As I said, it's gross, so all suggestions are welcome.

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I am currently setting this up for one of our customers. I am running it from a PSAPPDEPLOY script (powershell).

Running HPIA directly from a share as SYSTEM. It was a bit tricky to set the correct rights but it works now. Think it was the UNC path that was the issue and when we used the IP to the fileserver it worked much better.

I have had some issue with file permissions and that we needed to add the fileserver to intranet sites as the .cmd scripts ran by HPIA didnt always get accepted as trusted.

This is the line I start the driver update with (its one line)

Install phase 1

Start-Process cmd.exe -ArgumentList "/c start \\\iClientdrives\HPIA\HPImageAssistant.exe /Operation:Analyze /Action:Install /Category:Drivers /Selection:All /Silent /ReportFolder:\\\iClientdrives\Log\HPIA\$env:COMPUTERNAME /SoftpaqDownloadFolder:\\\iClientdrives\Drivershare\$datormodell /BIOSPwdFile:\\\iClientdrives\Drivershare\password.bin" -Wait

After that I wait for about 10-20 sec (in the script) and running it again. But now I let it download it to the computer it self. Just in case it could have been any issues going to the network share. Still reports to the central logfolder.

Start-Process cmd.exe -ArgumentList "/c start \\\iClientdrives\HPIA\HPImageAssistant.exe /Operation:Analyze /Action:Extract /Category:Drivers /Selection:All /Silent /ReportFolder:\\\iClientdrives\Log\HPIA\$env:COMPUTERNAME /SoftpaqDownloadFolder:c:\temp\driverinstall /BIOSPwdFile:\\\iClientdrives\Drivershare\password.bin" -Wait

Install phase 2

Check the folder that was downloaded for the Installall.cmd and runs that. Until now I have not seen that this file is not created.

   $installall = Test-Path -Path "c:\temp\driverinstall\installall.cmd"


       if($installall -eq $true){

   Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage "Additional drivers found.."

   Sleep -Seconds 10

   Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage "Installing drivers manually. Please wait.."

   Start-Process cmd -ArgumentList "/c c:\temp\driverinstall\installall.cmd" -Wait -NoNewWindow


At the end of the script I add in the Firmware update.

Sleep -Seconds 60 


        Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage "Looking for BIOS and Firmware updates"

        Sleep -Seconds 10

        Suspend-BitLocker -RebootCount 1 -MountPoint c: -Confirm:$false


   Start-Process cmd.exe -ArgumentList "/c start \\\iClientdrives\HPIA\HPImageAssistant.exe /Operation:Analyze /Action:Install /Category:Firmware,BIOS /Selection:All /Silent /ReportFolder:\\\iClientdrives\Log\HPIA\BIOSFIRM\$env:COMPUTERNAME /SoftpaqDownloadFolder:c:\temp\driverinstall /BIOSPwdFile:\\\iClientdrives\Drivershare\password.bin" -Wait


Answered 01/07/2020 by: Bobbysh
Senior White Belt

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