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I have multiple Custom Inventory Rules (CIR) in the Inventory > Software location.

When I view a Device in Inventory > Devices, I scroll down to the "Custom Inventory Fields" and there I am able to view the CIRs.

The more CIRs I add to the Kace SMA the more data is compiled under this field.

Is there a way to have the CIR show up under a different field? 

Eg. I would like my CIR for  ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd /c ipconfig /all) to show up under the "Network Interfaces" drop down under that specific device.


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currently (with 9.1 and 10.0beta) this is not possible.
The CIR are made that you can see them in that special field.
Btw: not all CIR are seen there. Only CIR which are not boolean.
For instance a FileExists() does not show up.
You can use the CIR for labels, reports etc so you can simply report all nessesary informations you need.

You can open a feature request under kace.uservoice.com, since I really understand you (I use ~30 CIR for the different OS)

Answered 08/06/2019 by: Nico_K
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  • Thank you for your prompt response! Thank you also for your clarification on CIRs.