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So first if you want to suggest reporting from the software side instead of device side, let me know.

But basically what I have is a need to determine how many licensed versions of Autodesk software we have. We also have a lot of devices with TrueView, a free software. Both have the same publisher.
What I need is a report that provides a list of devices that match having "Autodesk" in the publisher (200+ titles not including TrueView), but ignore the results returned that have "TrueView" in the display name.

If I do an exclude it shows me only devices that do not have TrueView, but I also need to include devices that have both TrueView and other Autodesk software. Essentially there are 3 states: With Autodesk software but not TrueView, with Autodesk software including TrueView, with Autodesk software that is only TrueView. I do not care about the third. My issue is since its all the same publisher its hard to separate the groups out. I am lost on how to organize the logic.
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Thanks for the help. That worked!
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