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  1. Clone this Repo in Visual Studio (using you favorite git client (e.g. Github Desktop, SourceTree, or Visual Studio NuGet Package for Github).
  2. Open the Solution file in Visual Studio.
  3. Compile/Build this C# code in Visual Studio.
  4. Go to the directory where you cloned the Git Repo (e.g. c:\repo)
  5. Then navigate inside the cloned repo to \Wunder.ClickOnceUninstaller\ClickOnceUninstaller\bin\Debug\
  6. You will see a ClickOnceUninstaller.exe, you can use this binary to uninstall any ClickOnce app.
  7. If you are brave enough, you can fork the code and add other automation steps to it (e.g. Maybe support for remote/silent install of Click Once).

ClickOnceUninstaller.exe "Application Name"
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