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When I log into our SMA, the home page is the Dashboard, at the top of which show various notifications.

How do I disable a specific notification, so that I no longer see it?


I have three notifications currently, a yellow warning about old agents, a blue information about old agents, and a red Critical warning about not having offboard backup enabled. The first two have "X"s which indicate I can close them (but I'm not ready yet to do that). The third, the Critical warning, does not have such an "X".

I know I don't have offboard backup enabled. That is by design (we're using a VM, and taking snapshots as backups). I don't want to continue seeing this warning. How can I turn it off? (Yes, the "Disable Offboard Backup Transfer" box is checked.)




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  • "(we're using a VM, and taking snapshots as backups)"

    Not good at all.... is best to use KACE Backups and not rely on Snapshot or third party tools:

    You might want to read this:

    "Regarding Third-Party Virtual Machine Backup and KACE Appliances"


    This one applies to Hyper-V:

    "Configuring "Backup" Integration Services appropriately for K1000 and K2000 VMs running on Hyper-V to prevent MySQL database file corruption"


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