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How to install custom NVIDIA graphic drivers silently in K1000 Managed Installations?

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I'm currently having issues installing NVIDIA's latest graphic driver (310.90) through managed installations. I want to run this update with specific custom settings (clean install with display drivers only) but I'm unsure on how to create an unattended answer file. I tried this command:

setup.exe -r -f1.\silentinstall.iss

But for some reason it does not generate an answer file.

So far, I was able to load the executable package and deploy through MI but the installer prompts the end user to select an extraction path. On top of that, it installs all the useless 3d/gaming drivers I do not need. So I then decided to extract the files and only include the display drivers in the package (removed 3d drivers, physx, ect). I tested silently installing using these commands:

cd c:\exepathlocation
setup.exe -s -clean -noreboot -noeula

And it was successful - it silently clean installed only the graphic driver.

However, when I tried deploying the same package via ZIP file through MI, the NVIDIA installer returns an error saying the "installation package is corrupt". Not sure how the package became corrupt but right now I am stumped. Has anyone figured out a way to silently deploy Nvidia graphic drivers through K1000's managed installations? 

Thanks in advance!

Adrian G.

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  • It's worth pointing out that within the archive is a Setup.cfg which is an xml contains all the command line in the <options> section.

    I also found that the easiest way to exclude modules from installing (like all the 3D stuff), just delete the folders from the extracted package. The setup bootstrap will still install the other modules.

    Hope this helps!

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Did you try putting the commands that worked into a batch file, zipping it along with the package/installer and calling it in the MI?  If you need to specify a path for the installer, I would make a note of which folder it deploys to (i.e. c:\documents and settings\all users\dell\kace\downloads\1234), adjust the path in the batch file accordingly, then re-upload the zip.



Answered 01/10/2013 by: jverbosk
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Thanks for you response but it turns out the system I was testing on did not have compatible NVIDIA hardware. Silent install of NVIDIA works on K1000 using this command line:

Setup.exe -clean -noreboot

All is needed is to extract the files from the executable and ZIP the necessary drivers.

Answered 01/29/2013 by: adrigavi
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