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This will extract the msi in %temp% folder.
Silent key will work for this key , but we need do manual touch in the exe installation. so better go with Msi with Mst.
Extract the certificates from the Certificate location in IE
Certmgr.exe doesn`t work for Uninstall the certificate,  go with Certutil.exe
We have created the batch file for Install and uninstall the app.
REM Install Certificate
"%~dp0certutil.exe" -addstore "Root" "%~dp0CERT1.cer"
"%~dp0certutil.exe" -addstore "Root" "%~dp0CERT2.cer"
REM Uninstall Certificate
"%~dp0certutil.exe" -delstore "Root" "PG.cert"
"%~dp0certutil.exe" -delstore "Root" "PG.cert"

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