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My deployments have work very easily in the past I have installed the latest java on a machine and added the exe to the new inventory tag.  Then gone to deployments and tried sending that out to my users.  The user then can install the program.  Since about Java 8 update 60 I have been unable to do this because once I send it to a machine it comes up with an error code 3.  I have went to the machine myself and can install it no problem.  It is just sending it through Kace that is does not work.  64 bit edition work without problems. Any help would be great.  Thanks
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  • I am having the exact same problem 64 bit works fine 32 bit gives error code 3. In my instance I have tried the msi but I don't even get Kace to download and run it. With the exe 64 bit works fine 32 bit has the error code.

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The original EXE.
Answered 11/30/2015 by: arhea7795
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well that is interesting, I am doing that now for a client. I am having no problems with using just CMDs for testing, I am about to upload it to them to deploy with SCCM.

Have you extracted the MSI from the EXE or are you deploying the original EXE?

Answered 11/26/2015 by: Badger
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