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I'm using Specops os/deploy and during the deploy I wan't to create a local account with admin rights.

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Save the following as a .bat file.

net user username Password /add /active:yes
net localgroup administrators username /add

And run during deployment.

Edit parts in Bold.

Answered 04/04/2019 by: Ziggi
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Powershell option (v5.1+)

$AccountNameParams = @{
Name = "AccountName"
Password = ('l337p@ssw0rd' | ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force)
FullName = "Account Name"
AccountNeverExpires = $true
PasswordNeverExpires = $true
Confirm = $false

New-LocalUser @AccountNameParams
Answered 04/04/2019 by: isudothings
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