Is there a way to speed up the process to have an Approved Quarantine Device assigned to its dedicated Organization to show under Inventory > Devices?


I am just wondering for any tips and tricks to help progress a quarantined and approved Device that appears in the KACE SMA System UI to its assigned to an organization to then show up under Inventory > Devices?


1. A new Device appears in System UI under 'Quarantine'.

2. The Device record appears in 'Awaiting Action'.

3. I click the checkbox of the Device record then click 'Assign to Organization' and select the proper organization it is supposed to sync over to.

4. Next, I approve the Device record and it appears under Quarantine > 'View By: Approved'.

5. From View By: Approved, there I can click on the Device to see the Device Quarantine Details - for example:


KUID: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

IP Address: xxx.xx.xx.xxx

MAC Address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

Zone: Internal

Approval Status: Approved


Agent Version: 11.1.103

Logged User: WINDOWS-GV28IFG\Administrator


BIOS Serial Number: B292043

Agent Connection: 2022-06-22 15:58:19 (Online Agent Icon)

Record Created: 2022-06-22 15:07:20

Age: 0 Days

Approved By: example-test-administrator

Approved Time: 2022-06-22 15:36:04

And I keep monitoring this Device record in the System UI for hours... and nothing changes. Not the Device name (when it's been changed and joined to our domain). Doesn't provide changed 'Logged User' details of who is logged in, etc etc.

  • Because I keep running "runkbot.exe 4 0" from the Command Prompt to force the device to inventory and it doesn't update the record or appear in the Org's Inventory > Devices.
  • I run "amptools.exe restart" and it doesn't update the record or appear in the Org's Inventory > Devices.
  • I execute "amptools.exe resetconf host=[KACE_SMA_URL]" and it doesn't update the record or appear in the Org's Inventory > Devices.

    1. Are the steps that I've executed in the wrong order?
    2. Should I approved a quarantine device first THEN assign to an organization?
    3. Or is the method that I mentioned above the correct process?- How long must one wait till it appears in the correct Organization's Inventory > Devices list?

    Looking for any commands, methods, tips, or tricks! I greatly appreciate any feedback that is provided!

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    Answers (2)

    Posted by: Nico_K 1 year ago
    Red Belt

    First things first:
    You are using 11.1 agents which should only used with 11.1 SMA (the only fully supported version)
    Since SMA 11.1 is EOL (out of any support) you should update SMA and agents to the latest version (12.1 as of today)

    If you don't want devices to show up in quarantine install them with the correct token so it is directly transferred to the correct org and auto approved.
    See here https://support.quest.com/kb/328406 and https://support.quest.com/kb/328407

    • Yes, we have 11.1 agents that are communicating and supporting to our SMA that is on version 11.1.263. (Thanks for letting me know that our SMA is EOL. Did not know that so I appreciate the info.)

      We have the KACE K2000 (SDA) that does our imaging process for new hires, terminated employees, etc to re-image just to have a machine ready to give to any new user. So with that, we have a post-installation task that installs the KACE agent to those machines. I figured that they were silently installed and associated with the correct agent token in the installer. The command that is used is: "$ msiexec.exe /i ampagent-11.1.103-x86_[our_KACE_FQDN].msi HOST=[Our_KACE_FQDN] /qn" - after a few hours or once that machine is connected with our network then you'll be able to see the Device Name change to our naming convention we have, updates on the Logged User information, etc.

      1. So you're stating if I uninstall the agent and re-install with the proper agent token then it should appear faster from Quarantine to the correct Organization that I have assigned prior to Approval?
      2. Or is there a configuration file that I could just replace whatever the current agent token is there with the correct Organization agent token (if present)?

      Also, @Nico_K thank you for your response and feedback, it is greatly appreciated! - tkongpachith 1 year ago
    Posted by: Michelle.ashby 1 year ago
    Purple Belt

    I up-voted Nico already but I can second that the token install is the way to go. Whenever anyone does an install without an agent, something I have done myself by accident on more than one occasion in the beginning when I was getting used to using them, I basically say to leave it a day. However, with the token install, of which I have set up a couple different tokens for different installations (SMA installed, Manually installed by support, ect.), they show up in inventory always within a half hour.

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