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I have a distribution of MS Visio 2010 setup that uses an /adminfile. The distrobution is linked to a label that is already linked to a number of computers. The problem is that some of the computers have slightly different versions of the software installed and they keep trying to update, but can't because the /adminfile can only be used on new installs.

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Step1: Go to Inventory>> Software

Step2: Select particular software which you dont want to Install/Update

Step3: Create Custom Inventory Rule


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Answered 07/02/2014 by: anonymous_102124
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There are couple of ways of doing this. 

1. You can create a Custom Inventory rule in the software to detect the specific version of MS Vision 2010 and then associate that software to your Manage Install.

2. You can create a batch script which detects the correct version of MS Visio and if found then launches the install.

Answered 12/03/2013 by: AbhayR
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  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have solved the problem by creating a new label that installs the software only if no version of Visio is found on the client