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I need a test server that is exactly like our production server but I don't want to test on our production server.  There are a LOT of features and functionality that I need to implement but never had sufficient time to test.

Thanks everyone!
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  • The best thing to do is to go back to your sales guy in Dell and explain the situation. If you want to change your physical to a virtual then there may be something that can be done with your license. If what you are asking for is a test environment, again explain it to your Account manager and they might come up with a solution.
    • Thanks, Hobbsy. I think doing what I want to do is a violation of the license so thanks for the suggestion!
      • your sales rep can provide you a test license (limited) if you ask kindly and he understands you and what you want to do.
        I also know a few customers who brought a special license for evaluation/test environment.
  • I won't get into specifics, but there was a one-time charge for us to change from physical appliance to virtual machine.
    • Great, I'll contact my Dell rep. Thanks for this info!
  • @Nico_K -- I did just that. Our Dell rep should be getting back to me today. Thanks for all the recommendations!

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Contact Dell rep.
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