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Anyone noticed that since 7.1, K1000 LDAP job imports new user with No Access roles?

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  • Manual user import or scheduled import? We have several scheduled imports and I haven't had any problems since updating to 7.1
  • Yes, the scheduled import job.
    I went back to the configuration of the job, in Define Mappings, I changed the role from "No access" to "User Console...", then chose Finish, but the role is rolled back to No access...
  • Hi Sagouin were you able to get this resolved? We're seeing this same issue after a recent upgrade to 7.1.
  • Hello,

    Recent users were still imported with the No Access role.

    I'm still in the process of setting the service desk up, it was not a priority for me.

    When I change the role in the -User Import: Schedule- page, it does not retain the role I choose.

    Manual import just fails.

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