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We have custom date fields under our asset types and when running reports with those field selected it reports as mm/dd/yyyy 00:00:00.  I would like to remove the timestamp at then end.  When running a 30+ page report, that is a LOT of extra 00:00:00 on the page.  I've tried editing the SQL with a FORMAT_DATE and CONVERT(VARCAHR but my MYSQL knowledge is not so good.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Can you post your query? I have date fields on one of my assets and it reports as yyyy-mm-dd.

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You can use the DATE_FORMAT function

select DATE_FORMAT(DATE(FIELDNAME), '%d.%m.%Y') as Date from TABLE
Answered 05/07/2015 by: aragorn.2003
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Sorry for the lack or response.  We were able to get what we wanted by using the DATE_FORMAT.  Example below:
Worked good to get rid of the 00:00:00 off the report.
Answered 05/19/2015 by: HarborIT
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