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Hey guys, 
We've been using K2000 for several years now and absolutely love it but now our parent company wants to get it setup. I'm standing up an RSA that's much larger than us and their volume of imaging will be much higher. We are using WIM images and at our peak, we've hit a max of 600mbps of outgoing network traffic over the last year at our current site. I fear that at this new site (using 1G switches), they will completely peg the switches and it will shut down the network. 

Is there a way to limit to outgoing badwidth for imaging or is multicast the only option for that? I don't think multicasting will solve the issue as there will be many people possibly deploying completely different images at the same time. Let me know what you think!

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  • Change the RSA network config and network port to 100mbps full-duplex.

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