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I have an RSA sitting at another facility that is linked to our in-house K2000.  The images and scripts sync but the drivers don't.  Our deployments are currently image based with all of them being OptiPlex 9020s.  When I made the image, I installed all of the latest drivers and used driver feed builder to harvest them.  That created the 9020 folder in the \\k2000\peinst\drivers_postinstall\dell\windows_7_x64\ directory.  Inside I can see all the various driver folders and files (Display, Net, Ports, etc).  When I deploy an image in-house, I see it copy the drivers.  When the remote facility pulls down an image from their RSA, it doesn't copy the drivers.  I should mention that the remote site uses a kbe with the RSA IP statically set.  If I logon to the in-house management site > Deployments > Remote Sites and click on the linked appliance, I see the System Images that I'm syncing checked along with Boot Environments.  If I click the Dependencies Section, there's a section called "Drivers Available From Driver Feed" and it's greyed out and unchecked.  Could this be my issue?  Is there a way to check it? 

I saw a similar question asked here (http://www.itninja.com/question/driver-feed-isn-t-syncing-with-remote-site) and it mentions a Driver Feed Synchronizer Tool that I am unable to locate.  It's also a question from 2012 so I don't know if the solution is even valid at this point.

Please let me know what you gurus think.


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  • No one has any ideas on this?
  • BUMP
  • We are having the same issue, our RSA says it is syncing 2.0KB which isn't right
  • Cant image anything from my RSA's either. They say this with every model:

    Model reported by WMI: >OptiPlex 7440 AIO<
    Model expected by driverfeed: >OptiPlex 7440 AIO<
    OS: >windows_7_x64<
    Path expected by driverfeed: >Dell\windows7_x64\OptiPlex 7440 AIO
    The driver path does not currently exist on the RSA

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