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Doesn't anybody know if is possible to import userpassword from LDAP to users attributes in KACE 1000?
I tried to import into the Custom1 field because no password field is present. 
Off course it doesn't work...

I should import passwords not into Custom 1 field but into password field in KACE 1000, is it possilble?


Is there a way?

Many thanks to all in advance!
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  • Since KACE doesn't store LDAP passwords, only if local users are created, I don't know if that is possible. With LDAP, the KBOX acts as a pass through to your AD to validate the entered password by the user in the GUI when they try to log in.
    • Thanks for the prompt response, just as I feared...
      The problem is that in my company we don't have an Active Directory server.
      The only server with LDAP listening on is the IBM Lotus Domino mail server but I read that KACE K1000 is not fully compatible to manage authentication.
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