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I have a very simple script that I am trying to run. As you can see, I'm just trying to add some subkeys and a new a value. I created this script in a batch file and it worked fine so this should work. I added the reg:64 switch at the end after reading that might do something, but it still doesn't work. Maybe I am just missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • is this running office 64 bit, I think the Kace agent can't set 64bit registry hive. I could be wrong. Any know if you manage 64 bit hives with the latest Kace agent?
    • I actually think I figured it out. I had to put HKLM64 instead of HKLM (which I read somewhere else on this forum). It is a 32bit office, but I guess it relates to the OS architecture since that is 64bit?

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