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Hi folks!

Does anyone have a sql query to report on all assets and include their last modified date? We're running reports on all assets right now, sorting by serial number, and seem to have a number of assets with duplicate serial numbers. The most accurate entry seems to be the asset with the latest modified date.

Thanks in advance for any help

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  • Are your assets only computer devices. And are they computers with agents on them and an inventory in the K1.
    or do you have many different assets not showing up in inventory?
  • No, they are computer (with agent) and mobile devices (agentless). Everything is showing up in inventory. I just would like to take an asset report of all assets with their last modified dates under the Reporting section of K1000
  • I would like to use the Modified date in a view so that I can order them by that. The field is populated in the asset but is not available in the view

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