Kace SDA Takes forever to Image Optiplex 7000


I use the Kace SDA to deploy system images in my environment. We recently started getting some Optiplex 7000s, and they take probably 10 times longer to install drivers from the feed. What was taking about 20 minutes to image is literally taking 2 hours. Is anyone else running into this issue? Are there work arounds? The drivers are current, and the machines themselves are absolute power houses. I'm really lost as to why it's taking forever to image these. It takes that long for ONE machine. Imaging multiple is even worse. 

Advice or knowledge?

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Posted by: Channeler 1 month ago
Red Belt

Make sure you don't Have debug enabled within the Image Detail page setting.

Using the Samba Browser built-in in 8.2 or newer, check the folder named  \\SDA-ip\petemp

There must be a log there, it will have the computer's MAC address (the one it PXE'ed from),  Check that log for any warnings or errors.

Make sure those are WIM Images and not K-Images.

If other models are working fine using the same golden image, this might be a drivers issue,  build a new KBE with the latest  DELL WinPE10 drivers.

  • Where can I check that setting? I had never had the issues before, so I'm assuming it's off.

    Any idea on what I might be looking for error wise? There is a lot in the petemp directory. Only one log for today, and it doesn't seem it has any errors. The image itself is sitting on the copy drivers section. Running driver 179 of 180. It's a video driver. and has been sitting on that for 20 minutes. It still even took about an hour and forty-five minutes to get to that point.

    To add, I haven't had a single Optiplex 7000 finish an image. Also, I actually have to move the hard disk from m.2 slot 1 to 2 for it to even begin an image. That definitely sounds like a driver issue, except I updated our WinPE drivers AND built a new KBE last week. Still have the issues.

    edit: A quick update, driver 180 or 180 now, but I started this image 2 hours ago on the dot. - Cheecho 1 month ago
    • Debug is within the Image settings themselves, Open the section where you choose the tasks that are part of the Image, right above the purple ones, there are a bunch of checkboxes.

      You might want to use
      -Deploy Directly from Server

      and untick
      -Image debug or Image debug log (Something like that).

      In regards moving the storage from one slot to another, that one is odd, is this a recently released model?

      Make sure the BIOS is up to date.
      And check those RAID Settings, If you only have one Physical Drive, maybe turn that off.

      You could also go to \\SDA-ip\drivers_postinstall

      and locate the folder where the drivers for this OS+Model are stored.

      Backup the folder and nuke\remove the folder containing the Video Drivers.

      Then go to Settings > Appliance Maintenance > Scroll Down and click Recache drivers (might take a few minutes to finish, upper right corner of your SDA UI to check the status, if it's idle, it's done).

      Then attempt to reproduce the issue.
      If it's decent enough for you after that, then something is up with that driver...

      You could get it in EXE format from support.dell.com, and deploy it as an Application type of Post Install Task. (You will need to research or contact DELL about the silent\unattended install switches used for those drivers). - Channeler 1 month ago
      • I'm hesitant to do the Deploy from server, and these particular systems are going into labs with around 60 seats. I noticed some burden while imaging half of that number.

        These were both untickeed.

        Testing the storage slot thing again.

        I'll be honest, I'm not willing to flash through ~350 computer BIOS ha ha. These are fresh off the line optiplex 7000s though, so I would assume they're good to go.

        RAID off is part of our process already. OH MY GOODNESS. Clearing out the video folder might have possibly been the issue? I had to reboot the entire appliance just to get the access to delete that directory. Something might have been spazzed.

        I'm going to test out another image and will update. - Cheecho 1 month ago
      • Yeah, this is still painfully slow even after all the maintenance. - Cheecho 1 month ago
      • I would Contact KACE Support, and then post the solution here - Channeler 1 month ago
Posted by: dnitschke 5 days ago
Senior White Belt

we are also having the same issues with the Optiplex 7000.  Any update on this?

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