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KBE Manipulator is failing - KBE only 30.9mb - Win 7

09/29/2016 872 views

I am using KBE Manipulator v. The process just runs through very fast and then the KBE is only 30.9mb in the k2000. I did recently make a Win 10 KBE, but I changed the drivers back to the Windows 7 drivers and then recached through http://k2000/driver_manage. Now any KBE I make is only 30.9mb.

There is a chance I tried to make the KBE while the drivers were being recached, I didn't see that it took a while to recache the drivers the first time I did it, but I don't know how long I waited between clicking the recache button and making the KBE.

I do have Windows AIK installed and I believe I have built a KBE on this computer in the past.

The only thing special is that I am using the k2000 static address instead of DHCP.

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  • Have you disabled any antivirus on your computer? I have discovered that we have errors if our AV is not disabled with KBE Manipulator functions.
    • I looked at my AV, and disabled it. But then I looked at the issue again with fresh eyes and I found my drive had filled up. I removed some files and it is now working.

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Welp, it looks like my SSD was full. It seems to be working fine now.
Answered 09/29/2016 by: ISEKOLD
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