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I am new to using LDAP to create labels. I am trying to pull in all computers under an OU into one label. I am having an issue. It seems to be pulling in from all OUs despite the fact that in the Base DN section i explicitly state a Sub OU.  

Here is what I have in Base DN
OU=Departments,OU=My Site, DC=server,DC=com

it is finding computer objects in:
OU=Departments,OU=A Different Site, DC=server,DC=com

OU=Departments,OU=Yetr Another Site, DC=server,DC=com

Now, when I use the LDAP browser it finds only the objects I am looking for. 

My advanced search box has simply:
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Our LDAP labels are setup like this (our domain is fas.lcl and this is for the Academic Advising department):
Base DN:

Advanced Search:
(&(name=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)(distinguishedName=CN=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME,OU=Academic Advising,OU=Departments,OU=GPO Exceptions,DC=FAS,DC=LCL))

Answered 01/28/2016 by: chucksteel
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  • Thanks for the response, however, i got LDAP Search Failed error.
    • When you use the search function you have to replace KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME with an actual computer name to test. When KACE performs its search during the inventory it replaces that at runtime.