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Hi All,

I'm relatively new to the sequencing applications and I'm looking for some advise on the below:

- General guide how to sequence an application in app-v 5(please advise if any books are available)

- How to sequence an application so that it is user centric and not machine based

- How to troubleshoot problems when sequencing an application

- How to determine if an application can be sequenced

Any advise you can give would be really appreciated thanks´╗┐

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I've done some blogging on this topic and I'm trying to maintain a list of App-V training resources. Have a look over here.
Answered 11/03/2015 by: kkaminsk
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Hi, try these for starters:

Online Training:

The Circle of Life for an App-V 5.0 Package: From Sequence to Termination:

How to Troubleshoot App-V 5: 

I can also recommend class based training courses depending on your location. There aren't any books out there that would suit your needs I'm afraid, but keep an eye out over at http://www.appvbook.com/?m=1.
Answered 02/07/2015 by: packageologist
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Not many books I am afraid. I have delivered quite a few course in the UK and some in Europe.

Technically the apps are user centric, but cached on the machine, in app-v v5 you can publish globally (machine) or to a user.

Trouble shooting, links are above. In my experience people don't test BEFORE they sequence the app, after days of not getting the sequence to work, they test a manual install on a target machine and the same problem exists, so, have a play with it before you sequence it.

If you look at the tech info it tells you what is not a good candidate, boot time services, addins etc.

You could try autonoware conversion box, the demo version will allow you to use 'reportlite' and gives you red or green (no ambers) on what can be automatically converted by their tool (that bit costs money) they guarantee the greens so in theory, if they can automatically convert it, you should be able to sequence it.

have fun.

Answered 02/10/2015 by: Badger
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