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Post Install Task for .NET Framework 3.5

09/19/2019 339 views

We have several post install tasks that are dependent on having .NET Framework 3.5 installed for those installations to work.  Has anyone ever done a post install task to deploy this?  We are struggling to get this to work.


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  • We have the following as a post-install task to enable .net

    DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All
  • Do you have that run before or after you join it to the domain?
  • @abratton, please read this KB article:

  • We have it running before joining. If running after joining to the domain you'll likely need to modify a gpo to pull the files from microsoft

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the cab files to install this are kind of small so I actually just save them to the image in a root directory called sxs and I pull them from a windows 10 iso. 

Then use the dism command in a previous post but use a "/source:c:\sxs" switch as well.

then use in the command I remove the sxs folder and contents for clean up.

Answered 09/30/2019 by: PhillipR
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